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this page provides you with a list of useful and interesting Feng Shui sites and on-line shops. If you would like your site added to this page, or know of a site that should be added, please see at the bottom of the page

feng shui sites and shops

8-White Star Feng Shui   www.8whitestarfengshui.com/ 
A little peace and karma * NEW * www.alittlepeaceandkarma.com 
Abbey Essential Oils  www.abbeyessentials.co.uk/
All Natural Perfume Oils  www.allnaturalperfumeoils.com 
Area Rugs www.rugs-direct.com 
Asian Silks and Lacquer www.indo-chine.com/ 
Astrology Comet  www.astrologycomet.com
Australia Open College (Interior Design) www.opencolleges.edu.au/courses/design/interior 
Bargain Clicks Style Centre  www.bargainclicks.com/store/style/index.asp
Bespoke Kitchen Designs  www.bespokekitchendesigns.com 
Bold Rugs - Traditional and Contemporary www.boldrugs.com 
Botanical Tower Company  www.botanicaltower.com 
BTB Feng Shui  www.btbfengshui.org 
Buy Feng Shui - online shop www.buy-fengshui.com 
Chi of Earth www.chiofearth.com 
Chinese art, clothing and ancient culture www.chinainfoonline.com
Chinese Birthdays www.123greetings.com/birthday/chinese 
Chinese Paintings  www.chinesepaintings.com 
Cleverly Clearing Clutter   cleverlyclearingclutter.com 
Color & Feng Shui  www.colorfengshui.com 
Crystal Mobiles www.crystalmobiles.com 
Designer Space (South Wales Interior Designers) www.designer-space.co.uk 
Doyle, New York www.doylenewyork.com/style 
Dragon Gate  www.dragon-gate.com
Edgar Yung Feng Shui  www.loktinfengshui.com 
Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music www.enhancedhealing.com 
Exotic and Oriental www.exoticandoriental.co.uk 
Fast Feng Shui www.fastfengshui.com 
Feng Shui and Chinese Dragon   www.mercurytreasures.com 
Feng Shui Australia  www.fengshuiaustralia.com 
Feng Shui Books www.fengshui-books.com 
Feng Shui Chinese  www.fengshuichinese.com 
Feng Shui Decor at Red Tree Imports   www.redtreeimports.com
Fengshui Directory (Australia)  www.fengshuidirectory.com.au 
Fengshui Dragon  www.fengshui-dragon.info 
Fengshui Emporium www.fengshui-emporium.com 
Fengshui Einrichtung  www.fengshui-einrichtung.com
Feng Shui for Modern Living magazine www.fengshui-magazine.com
Feng Shui for Real Life  www.fengshuiforreallife.com 
Feng Shui Garden  www.fengshui-kert.hu 
Feng Shui Import - Tips and Products fengshui-import.com 
Feng Shui Import - Wholesale fengshuiimport.com 
Feng Shui Jewellery - for Good Fortune www.carolemeltzer.com 
Feng Shui Living   www.efengshuiliving.com 
Feng Shui Maya www.ionixx.com 
Feng Shui Pictures www.fengshuipictures.com 
Feng Shui Software - Directory of Tools  www.fengshuisoftware.net 
Feng Shui Studio www.piellucci-fengshui.it/ 
Feng Shui That Works (Alan Stirling) www.fengshuithatworks.co.uk/ 
Feng Shui Wind Chimes www.windchime.com
Fitted Kitchens and Kitchen Design  www.spacekitchens.co.uk 
Great Oriental Gifts GreatOrientalGifts.com 
Green Culture Rugs  www.gcrugs.com 
Green Dragon Arts www.greendragonarts.com 
Green Hills Garden Centre  www.greenhillsgardencentre.co.uk 
Greenways Feng Shui  www.greenwaysfengshui.co.uk
Holistic Intent - Manifest better health  www.HolisticIntent.com 
Incense Man  www.incense-man.co.uk
Interior Design Talk  www.interiordesigntalk.com
Intuitive Concepts  www.intuitiveconcepts.com 
Joanie's Oriental Gifts  www.joaniesgifts.co.uk 
Kitchens- From Quality Kitchen Designers www.kitchensforsale.com
Kurve Elements  www.kurveelements.com
Lakshmi’s Circle (Gifts)  www.lakshmiscircle.com.au 
LDH Interiors (Interior Design South Wales)  www.ldh-interiors.com 
Lebensraum Beratung (German) www.lebensraum-beratung.de 
Light Cubes from WowCoolStuff   www.wowcoolstuff.com 
Love It, Get It : Oriental Gifts * NEW * www.love-it-get-it.com/ 
Luminous Spaces - Feng Shui  www.luminous-spaces.com
Mercury Treasures - Feng Shui Products www.mercurytreasures.com/fengshui1.html 
My Feng Shui Store www.myfengshuistore.com
Oils 4 Life Aromatherapy  www.oils4life.co.uk 
Online Clarity (I Ching)  www.onlineClarity.co.uk
Online Xango Juice www.mangosteenonline.com 
Phoenix Holistic Services - Donna Cantone www.Phoenixholisticservices.com 
Rob Underwood's Happy Home Zone fengshui.happyhomezone.com 
Rugs Express  www.rugsexpress.com 
Sheffield School of Interior Design  www.sheffield.edu
Spazio Diseno: Feng Shui Tradicional  www.spaziodiseno.com 
Spirit of the East  www.larryfroot.co.uk/spiritoftheeast
Spiritual and Energy Distance Healing www.atimetoheal-om.net
The Feng Shui Shop www.fengshuishop.com.au 
The Gallery of China www.thegalleryofchina.com
Theta Healing DNA Courses with Jill Miller www.pathwayoflight.net 
Traditional Feng Shui Articles www.FengShuiArticles.com 
Traditional Incense  www.incensetemple.com/ 
Web Wooden Blinds  www.webwoodenblinds.co.uk
Wind and Water Inc. www.artofplacement.com 
Wind Chime Time  www.windchimetime.com 
Wind @ Water Arts www.chinastrategies.com/atindex.htm 
Yan Jing Supply Herbs www.yanjingsupply.com 
Zen Appeal www.geocities.com/Zen_Appeal 

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