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this page provides you with a list of world-wide Feng Shui organisations. If you would like your site added to this page, or know of a site that should be added, please see at the bottom of the page

feng shui organisations

Add Fengshui www.add-fengshui.com
Alternatives www.alternatives.org.uk
ANAM Holistic Healing and Shamanic Practice anamspirit.com
Argentine School of Feng Shui www.fengshui-argentina.com
Chronogram : Hudson Valley Culture www.chronogram.com 
Color Feng Shui www.colorfengshui.com 
Cristalfeng www.feng-shui.nu
Indian Vastu Solutions www.dwarkadheeshvastu.com 
Earth Spirits  www.earthspirits.net
Ecopraxis - Ecologies for Success and Well-being www.ecopraxis.co.uk
Feng Shui Association of Canada www.fengshuiassociationofcanada.ca
Feng Shui by Dolores Kozielski www.FengShuiWrite.com
Feng Shui Institute  www.feng-shui-institute.org 
Feng Shui Mexico  www.vientoyagua.com.mx 
Feng Shui Network, Australia www.fengshuinetwork.net 
Feng Shui News www.fengshuinews.com
Feng Shui School  www.feng-shui-school.com
Feng Shui USA www.fengshuiusa.com
Geomancy.net http://www.geomancy.net/
Gerard Timon  www.chine.org
Ile Ifa - Nigerian Geomancy ileifa.org 
Interior Design Courses (Australia) http://www.opencolleges.edu.au/careers/interior-design 
Mastery School of Chinese Metaphysics mastery-school.com 
Mountain Valley Center - Feng Shui   www.mountainvalleycenter.com 
Nine Harmonies School of Feng Shui www.bloomington.in.us/~9harmony
Philippe Aspe www.centretao.net 
Phoenix Feng Shui (UK) ** NEW ** www.phoenixfengshui.co.uk 
Pygmy Possum - for every mind, body and spirit www.pygmypossum.com.au  
Radiant Chi Feng Shui   www.radiantchi.com 
The American Feng Shui Institute www.amfengshui.com
The Feng Shui Centre www.fengshuicentre.com.au 
The Feng Shui Cultural Centre www.fengshuicom.net
The Feng Shui Institute of America www.windwater.com
The Feng Shui Society www.fengshui.co.uk
The Feng Shui Store www.fengshuistore.com
The School of Chinese Metaphysics www.fengshuisos.com
The School of Feng Shui www.fengshui-school.co.uk

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