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Welcome to the Feng Shui for Modern Living Links page - a whole host of useful, interesting and occasionally odd sites to do with feng shui, chinese astrology, oriental arts and other related areas.

Our links page has grown so large that we have had to split it into separate pages. There are now four sections of links:

feng shui banners - this page with graphic links
feng shui consultants and authors
- home pages of feng shui experts.
feng shui sites and shops
- interesting feng shui websites and on line shops.
feng shui organisations
- all kinds of feng shui societies from all over the world.

Just click on the links above to go to the selected page - each page has cross links to the other pages.

LINK CLEARING - 28th September 2008 : Please note that we have just had a session of removing links that no longer work. If we have inadvertently removed your link - please let us know and we will put you back! If you have a missing link - please contact mark_shackelford@hotmail.com 

RECIPROCAL LINKS: If you would like your site added to these pages, or know of a site that should be added, please contact me as shown at the bottom of the page. We are very happy to add new links - and these are usually put up within 2-3 days. We would like to have reciprocal links on your site as well! 

Stephen Skinner's Website - Books on Feng Shui Stephen Skinner's Website - Books on Feng Shui Stephen Skinner's Website - Books on Feng Shui Stephen Skinner's Website - Books on Feng Shui
Stephen Skinner's Website - Books on Feng Shui

Kandula Teas - Refreshing and Healthy Tea from Ceylon

Happy Feng Shui - Software for Feng Shui distributor


S.B. (Bob) Tomanovic
wonderful paintings - abstract evocations of nature

Smiling Bamboo ~ Feng Shui the Proper Way

Nine Star Ki: "Nine Star Ki is, quite simply, a tool for humanity...
It is easy to learn, easy to use...and, to my great surprise, it works!"

Traditional and Contemporary Original 
Chinese Paintings at The Gallery of China. 

You will also find Articles and Information
 relating to Anything and Everything Chinese - 
Feng Shui, Tao, Ying Yang, Chinese Martial Arts, 
Philosophy and Religion plus much more. 

Free Prize Draw for All Visitors. 

Possibly the Largest and Most Comprehensive 
Website of its kind on the Internet - 
Definitely Worth Visiting 

Zaihong Shen's Feng Shui New York

Buddhist and Feng Shui Products and Services
Custom Chinese Calligraphy Artwork and Japanese Paintings
Silk Road Enterprises offers quality Chinese Calligraphy Art, Karate Rank Certificates, 
Oriental Wall Hangings and Hand Carved Signature Stamps at affordable prices

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