BRAND NEW BOOK - Published by Stephen Skinner (Editor of Feng Shui for Modern Living)

"Guide to the Feng Shui Compass: a Compendium of Classical Feng Shui"

We just thought you might like to know about a new and extraordinary book by Stephen Skinner that has just been published. It is the first detailed book on Classical feng shui to be published in English. 

It is a Guide to the Feng Shui Compass: a Compendium of Classical Feng Shui by Stephen Skinner. 
This is the very first complete guide to the Chinese lo pan ever to be published in English.

The book examines the contents of 75 lo p'an rings, and illustrates 50 of these in detail. How to buy and use a lo p'an is explained, so that even a complete beginner can become quite familiar with its use. At last a Guide to Classical feng shui, rather than just a repeat of the few formulas that have been rendered in English so far. The book includes a detailed history of feng shui in China. 

Every person, place, book title or technical term is rendered in English, Chinese, pinyin, and Wade-Giles.

448 pages packed with new information
32 colour plates, 174 line illustrations, 65 Tables

ONLY Available from or and not through shops or Amazon

The book includes:
A History of Feng Shui in China and the Compass
The differences between ti li, kan y and feng shui 
Dragon, Water, hseh, sha and hsiang
The Ancient Astronomical Beginnings: the Shih pan
The Emperors Dwelling Classic
Chinese Dynasties and Feng Shui Chronology
The Geography of Feng Shui in China 
The Different Schools of Feng Shui
The Lo Pan and the Almanac or Tung Shu 
A Complete 75 Ring lo pan Cross Reference Table
The 3 Plates of the lo pan & their Evolution 
Rings of the lo pan
Five Types of lo pan
The Three Plates and Declination
How to read and align the lo p'an 
How to buy a lo p'an 

The San He Rings:
San He Rings
The 8 Mountain Killings
The 8 Yellow Springs
The 9 Tan Lang Stars
The 12 Palaces
The 12 Sovereign San He Hexagrams
The 24 Mountains 
The 24 Robbery Sha
The 60 Sexagenary Combinations
The 60 Mysterious Gates of the Hidden Stems
The 60 San He Root Hexagrams
The 60 Earth-Penetrating Dragons
The 60 Ping Fen Dragons 
The 72 Mountain-Piercing Dragons
The 120 and 240 Golden Divisions

The Astronomical Rings:
The 12 Jupiter Stations and fen yeh 
The 12 Monthly Generals or Teng Ming shen 
The 24 Mini-Seasons or Solar Terms
The 24 Fixed Heaven Stars 
The 28 Lunar Mansions, their epochs and precession
The 60 Uneven Expanding-Contracting Dragons
The 365.25 Chinese day-degrees
The 940 Degrees of the Complete Ming Calendar

The San Yuan and Hsan Kung Rings:
The 24 Changing yn Heaven Stars 
The 64 Hexagrams
Lo Shu trigram Period Numbers
The Familial trigrams
East River, West River Hexagrams
The 384 Hexagram yao lines
Dragon Gate & Flying Star rings
The 8 Wandering Stars of the 8 Mansions
Replacement Stars
...and many more

Never before has such a detailed Classical feng shui Compendium appeared in English.

46.00 in UK 
US$96.00 in USA
60 Euros in Europe
Sing$96.00 in SE Asia
ISBN 978-0-9547639-9-2

448 pages packed with new information - 32 colour plates, 174 line illustrations, 65 Tables

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